Tournament and cash game options

We have some fantastic options available to you here at We have a unique Tournament set up service so you can create and host a tournament of your own. Are you a Poker club, or a group of friends based miles apart? Or do you simply want to help increase your players in your downline, or offer a FREEROLL or promotional game to help your club increase members?

Well we can help. We can set up Freeze out Tournaments just for you.

Options we offer include:

  • Any buy in, any fee (min £2)
  • Call your tournament what you want (within reason!)
  • Password protected in case you just want your own members playing
  • 3 Blind options
  • 10, 15 or 20 minute blind updates
  • Tournament results immediately after the tournament finishes which you can post or send to your members and players.
  • Automatic credit to players Bflush account if they win any cash prizes.

A simple email to tell us what you want is all is needed and you can email us on the dedicated email address just for game set up which is

We will set up your games within 24 hours so they are live in the members area, and if you need something a little faster then email us before 12pm we can set up the same day for the evening’s games to be played.

For the first month that you join as a Club, we offer a unique Customer service account manager, just to help you with anything you need and have a set of Fantastic video’s in our Youtube chanel which tell you how to do everything needed. Just check out and then search for BflushPoker

Bflush is available to play on and Smartphone, ipad and Laptop and you can use all modern browsers including Google Chrome, iOS and Edge. Bust please do not use internet explorer and make sure that your operating system is updated and current.

Your players can all play at the same time and there is even a view table tab in case your players want to watch the other tables in your tournament at the same time.

We can also offer Private Cash Games. In tables of 6 or 10, we can password protect your table so that you can keep just your own players on the table, and anyone that you want to invite for a game of Cash poker.

With any limit or buy in up to £1000 per player, this is a great option to get your players playing for cash and increasing their rake.

We also offer:

  • Password protected tables
  • Buy in up to £1000
  • Any blinds options
  • Exclusive video cash games
  • Rebuy unlimited times.
  • Name the table what you want (within reason)

To set up a game simply email us and we can set up the game you require within 24 hours, or the same day if you email before 12pm