Maximize your  ENJOYMENT & REWARDS

Below are a few easy steps that will help you get the maximum benefit from this opportunity and have fun doing it.

The game of Poker is an intriguing and brilliant game and will keep delivering many hours of fun entertainment. This, along with Bingo, is our key product. You are lucky to be a member of BFLUSH in that the product you are able to promote is something that people enjoy. By playing regularly and knowing as much as you can about the game of poker and the BFLUSH system and its rewards, you will be able to best communicate the many benefits to be had on the site.

Once you have logged in as a member, you will have access to lots of information, tips and help for you to maximise your experience and income. You will have your own unique URL that you can send to anyone via your phone and social media channels. There is even access to a promotional code which gives a 100% bonus on the first deposit and will tag the new member as one of your front line players. And for those friends who are still traditional you can even print them a brochure or give them an information card!

From the table in the Opportunity pages you will see the income that is quickly generated if your people only appoint five others. The real power of a network marketing structure is in duplication. Once you realise how easy it was to get your first five players on your frontline you are in a position to help other people contact people that you don’t even know. In truth we are in the business of helping people to help people. 

The BFLUSH opportunity costs nothing to commence with other than the initial stake perhaps. This means most adults who like to play online games can play. It�s easy to set up and start your opportunity, whether it be as a fun way to play with your friends or a more serious way where you can set up to earn financial reward and bonus prizes. is more of a social event than work. Knowing, as you play, that you are making money even though you may end up losing the actual game itself makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.