Provided you are not concerned about your gambling behaviour and wish to take time out and suspend your use of your account, you can request one of the following:

  1. A one day (24 hours) “Time Out From Play” period

  2. A seven day ” Time Out From Play ” period

  3. A one month ” Time Out From Play ” period

  4. A six week ” Time Out From Play ” period

  5. During a ” Time Out From Play ” period we will suspend your account.

Please note that all cooling off periods and self-exclusions are irreversible for the duration of the specified time. In addition, all periods are inclusive of all games.

We may also ask you to provide certain information to us before you are able to access your account again. You can withdraw any remaining balance.

Your Time Our From Play will apply to your BFlush Account, and to any product that requires your BFlush ID to play and includes both real money and play money activity.

For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no such cooling off period with respect to any “Time Out From Play” period.