10 Top Tips For Responsible & Safe Gambling

Tips for Responsible Gambling


If like many people you enjoy the odd flutter here and there, you probably already practice responsible gambling. The vast majority of people stay within their limits when playing poker, placing bets on sports, betting on horses, and playing the lottery. But there are times when gambling can become too addictive. Below, we outline some practical steps you can take to stay in control and gamble responsibly.

1. Set limits on your spending

One of the best methods to stay in control of your gambling is to limit your spend. You can do this by setting a budget, either yourself or via a smartphone app. Setting and then sticking to your gambling budget will prevent your costs from spiralling.

2. Never use credit or overdrafts

Avoid gambling using any form of credit or overdraft facilities. While credit cards are now banned by legitimate gambling establishments, it is still possible to use other sources of finance. Stay in the black and if you can’t afford it, don’t place the bet.

3. Remember there’s no winning streak

When you win during a gambling session, it’s a positive feeling. There is often the temptation to continue gambling because you’re ‘on a winning streak’. But remember, games are often designed to suck you in. So be aware of the likelihood of winning to stay in control.

4. Be aware of the odds and game rules

It is very unlikely that you will become rich from gambling. Quite the opposite is true. In fact, you are more likely to lose money than win over a period of time. Having a clear understanding of the odds can help you stay in control when gambling.

5. Avoid trying to win back money

Winning back the money you have lost might seem like a clever plan, but it is better to resist the temptation. In many cases, this tactic only results in you losing even more money. It is often best to cut your losses or quit while you’re ahead.

6. Don’t gamble when you’re unhappy

Gambling when you’re feeling stressed or anxious can be counterproductive. It’s best if you gamble when you are feeling more positive and less anxious about the outcome. Try to gauge your mindset before gambling so you can remain in control.

7. Avoid gambling when using alcohol

Alcohol and other stimulants can cloud your judgement when gambling. You may feel more confident and make bolder choices. Avoiding excess alcohol allows you to stay in control and avoid overspending by making rash, unwise decisions.

8. Use apps with deposit restrictions

Many apps have features that allow you to restrict your spending, or restrict the time you can spend gambling. Making use of these tools can be very worthwhile. Always try to place limits on your spend, even if you are not using a smartphone app.

9. Don’t give in to peer pressure

Gambling with friends can be fun, but be aware of the power of peer pressure. Don’t feel pressured to gamble outside of your comfort zone. Having a budget is a good way to avoid peer pressure. Stick to it and have fun!

10. Give yourself a break from gambling

If you find yourself gambling on a regular basis, albeit in a controlled way, why not have a break for a few weeks? You may find it helps you place your gambling in perspective. And you’ll enjoy your next flutter that little bit more!

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