BFlush Milestone Bonuses

In our efforts to reward our members we have implemented the following Milestone bonuses.

Full rules are found in our terms and conditions.

After £1,000 Commission earned

The first Month that you earn £1,000 in commission or more you will receive a Multimedia Laptop.
The lap top will be a high-performance solution for executives who require desktop capabilities on the go, especially those needing to run high-end graphics. Wide-screen options maximise view-ability, whilst also being optimized for mobile connectivity. This superb laptop is perfect for mobile online presentations and have the grunt to handle any software or multimedia request it may be required to perform. More than just a toy...



After £10,000 Commission Earned

Earn £10,000 in commission or more in the one month and you will gain entry into the BFlush Winners Circle Which comes with numerous benefits including annual invitations to the BFlush Affiliates conference. All travel and accommodation is fully paid for and includes flights and Five star hotels throughout.



After £100,000 Commission earned

The first month that you earn £100,000 in commission or more you will receive a brand new amazing Luxury car. This could be anything from a top of the range Mercedes to a Porsche. We will help you pick from our extensive list of available cars provided to us by

our partners,