90 Ball BFlush.co.uk Bingo


The most famous version of bingo is 90-ball bingo. Players opt-in to a 90-ball bingo game by purchasing numbered bingo tickets. The the tickets are populated by numbers generated randomly by the BFlush.co.uk Bingo server. No two tickets are the same however multiple winners can occur when the last number called is on multiple tickets which have already hit fourteen numbers.

The prizes are allocated out evenly to each winning ticket. The jackpot occurs when a winning ticket hits the full fifteen numbers before 55 or more numbers are called. If multiple tickets win then the jackpot will, once again, be evenly distributed between the winning tickets. Tickets are generally purchased in strips of six although you are able to choose not to buy any particular ticket by simply clicking on it before purchasing. You may obtain more strips of tickets in the panel provided. At any time, you may scroll through the strips using the buttons below.

The number of strips you may purchase is restricted to 100 i.e. 600 tickets in any one game. The house rake is obtained at the time of purchase and you will be credited with that rake amount for the purposes of calculating your monthly commission through the BFlush.co.uk Rewards program regardless of whether you win or lose.

The BFlush.co.uk Bingo game is highly automated and automatically dabs each number on each ticket as it is called. The tickets become arranged within the group with the ticket with the highest number of called numbers gravitating to the top as each number is called. You only really need to watch the top ticket to see whether you win or lose. Once you have purchased the tickets, they are recorded on the server so that even if you are disconnected over the internet and your numbers come up you automatically win regardless.


Buying Tickets

You only need to purchase one ticket to enter. The maximum number of tickets you can purchase is six hundred. The price of each individual ticket is displayed on the game description within the lobby as well as on the tickets themselves. You may only obtain tickets when you have enough funds in your BFlush.co.uk account to do so. You account balance and the Bingo game details are always viewable at the top of the Bingo game window.



Autoplay allows you to automatically purchase tickets for up to the next twenty five games (this limit is dictated by the UK Gambling Commission) with a maximum of 100 strips i.e. 600 tickets purchasable in each game. Simply click on the AUTOPLAY button and the following screen will appear. Autoplay image You are able to select the number of games and strips required using the buttons provided.

This facility is executed on the client side which means that if you are disconnected or close your browser then the purchase request for the next game will not go through. If you are disconnected or close your browser without cancelling out of autobuy, the client app will continue to purchase tickets on your behalf once you become reconnected or reopen this page. Canceling out results in your client app being reset to nothing. No more tickets will be purchased.

Progressive Jackpots. The jackpot amount for each room accumulates until a ticket wind before 55 numbers are called whereupon it is paid out to the winner or winners evenly. The jackpot is then set back to 0 and begins to accumulate once more with each ticket purchased as per the percentage for each Bingo room as described in the following table.


Room Title Jackpot % Room Number
Super Flush 1 1
High Five 1 2
Rake Churner 0 3
Hi Flyer 1 4
Flash Flush 1 5
Flushest 1 6
Super jackpot 2 7
Jackpot flush 2 8


The total Payout and potential jackpot for the current game will be displayed at the top of the Bingo Rooms Window. When someone wins, the result will be displayed to all for a short period. The winnings will be credited to the relevent account and the next game will begin with a 2 minute countdown to allow people to purchase tickets for the next. The chances of an individual winning are purely dependant on the number of tickets purchased overall and the number of winning tickets.

The house takes 10% of the purchase price as "rake" which counts towards the members Commission in the BFlush.co.uk rewards program. The other 90% of the purchase price is returned to the winning customers in the form of either winners payout or jackpot payout randomly by the BFlush.co.uk bingo server.  No two tickets are the same.