Building the Business

Marketing 101

This is a quick article to show you how to use the marketing tools provided and  where you can check on your progress.

Network Building Secrets

This page gives you concise tips, tricks and techniques to explode your business from some of the most successful network marketers the world has ever seen.  These are people who have retired with fortunes being paid into their bank accounts every week from selling household detergents, vitamins and fruit juice through an affiliate opportunity!!!  Will these same methods work for Poker??

Is the Poker industry growing?

Here we provide you with a link through to one of the rare genuine Poker statistics sites. Market trends and growth rates are provided on a monthly basis by taking a sample of the industrys tournament buyin figures.

The rich mans mindset...

A list of very pertinent blogs and anecdotes on what it takes to be a successful online business man. BFlush isn't here to build a business, we're here to build entrepreneurs.  The information and approaches contained here are often humourus as well as insightful and informative.  Enjoy...

50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive

If you're not a salesman, and let's face it, that's most of us, these insights will provide some degree of methodology to your efforts as an internet business man.  Good salesmen don't appear to be,  but people keep buying...  Here's a How-To.

Need help network marketing?

Where to Go Online for Network Marketing Tips.

10 Reasons why is better than any career or investment opportunity

More reasons and and a superb appreciation of what this business is all about.

Perfecting your Poker

Poker Rules and How to Play

A basic initial guide to the game of poker. explains the rules and the strength of each hand.

How to churn rake when it's required

This article  discusses how to make sure you do enough rake to get all your commission at the end of the month. Hey it's a business...

Common Poker Mistakes

A general beginners guide to common mistakes. What not to do...

Starting hands and How to Play them before the flop

This article begins to teach you how to play statistical perfect poker in a 7 - 10 seater cash game.  80% of the game is determine by what hands you play preflop and how you play them. This is the next step up from just knowing the rules.

Recomended Reading - Top Ten

A list of the finest poker strategy publications including all the texas Hold'em variations from Cash games to Multi table tournaments and Sit'n'Gos.  Also an excellent book on how to win at Omaha.  There are more ways than one to make money from Poker. Winning can be lucrative too.