BFlush - About Us

BFlush gives the individual the unique opportunity to  prosper from the online gaming industry through promoting the BFlush product.  BFlush is about giving people a lifestyle choice. We give you all the Promotions, Bonuses and Incentives you would normally receive but take it one step further. By joining through BFlush you can also receive the monies that would normally go to the Marketing, Advertising and normal affiliate programs.

Registered Office

BFlush N.V. 
Landhuis Groot Kwartier
Groot Kwartierweg 12
Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

Tel: +599 9 461 1299
Fax: +599 9 461 5392

BFlush Guarantees

1. BFlush will provide an enjoyable online poker experience in a totally safe, secure and scrupulously fair environment.

2. BFlush will ensure the continued prosperity of those members who have promoted our product and site by meticulously ensuring all commissions and rewards continue to flow to our members and their inheritors. (A BFlush membership is a heritable commodity)

Fair Gaming

BFlush endorses responsible gaming.

We have implemented a number of measures to address the problem of compulsive gambling, which include:

  • Prohibiting anyone under the age of 18 to play our online games.
  • Allowing members to set their own maximum allowed deposit amount.
  • Training our employees on methods and techniques that assist in recognizing and taking appropriate actions when compulsive or underage gaming is identified.